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Authors: Fang Yi Zhu, He Bing Chi, Xing Yuan Jiang, Wei Dong Mao
Abstract: The article introduce the process of Electric Arc Furnace with Dephosphorized hot metal charging for melting stainless steel in Baosteel stainless steel Branch. Based on the practice of production, The main factors affecting the process of EAF with De-P HM charging are theoretically analyzed, such as using oxygen, the material charging and making slag. The optimization of hot metal charging can advance the use of chemical and physical energy, reduce the consumption of power. The optimization of using oxygen can increase the use of chemical energy. The optimization of material charging can reduce the oxidation of Cr. Making foamy slag can advance the transformer capacity and the use of power. Based on the character of the process EAF with De-P HM charging for Melting Stainless Steel, EAF productivity increased were reached with application of integrated control theory on EAF process in Baosteel stainless steel branch.
Authors: Dong Gang Li, He Bing Chi, Shi Jie Shao
Abstract: The applications of the single-hole top lance, the 110-three-holes top lance and the 150-three-holes top lance in the speed of the decarburization are compared. The amount of the Chromium oxidized, and the temperature-increasing speed of the bath is analyzed. The result shows, if the lance gap is set suitably, the 110-three-holes top lance will be the most beneficial to the stainless steel-making in the AOD when the high-carbon pre-metal from the EAF is charged.
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