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Authors: Hee Dong Kim
Abstract: To assess the degradation of stator winding insulation in high voltage motor, a total of forty-eight coils were manufactured. These coils are classified into five groups and there are twelve strands in each coil. Four coil groups are artificial defects such as shorted turn of strand, internal separation between conductor and insulation, large void within insulation and removal of semi-conductive tape. The other coil group is normal. Before ac breakdown test was performed, nondestructive test that included ac current, dissipation factor and partial discharge (PD) was done with five coil groups. This paper carried out by comparing the results between nondestructive test and ac breakdown test. When the values of ac current increase rate, tip-up dissipation factor and PD magnitude are large, the insulation is occurred the deterioration. AC breakdown voltage is also low in degraded insulation.
Authors: Chung Hyo Kim, Tae Sik Kong, Young Jun Lee, Hee Dong Kim, Young Ho Ju
Abstract: H.264/AVC is adopted as a next generation moving picture compression standard. Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) is the major entropy coding algorithm employed in H.264/AVC. Although the performance gain of H.264/AVC is mostly resulted from CABAC, it is difficult to implement a high-throughput decoder due to its decoding complexity. Although CABAC excludes a multiplication, the algorithm is basically sequential and needs large computations to compute some important variables, which are range, offset and context variables. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve fast decoding performance. In this paper, a prediction scheme is proposed to decode maximally two bits at a time and thus to reduce overall decoding time. A CABAC decoder based on the proposed prediction scheme reduces total cycles by 24% compared to conventional decoders.
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