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Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Markus Apel, Tobias Frank, Marcin Iwanowski, Stefan Zaefferer
Authors: Swanhild Bernstein, Ralf Hielscher, Helmut Schaeben
Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Ljudmila Meister
Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Swanhild Bernstein, Ralf Hielscher, Judith Beckmann, Jens Keiner, Jürgen Prestin
Authors: Ralf Hielscher, Swanhild Bernstein, Helmut Schaeben, K.Gerald van den Boogaart, Judith Beckmann, Jürgen Prestin
Authors: F. Bachmann, Ralf Hielscher, Helmut Schaeben
Abstract: The MATLAB™ toolbox MTEX provides a unique way to represent, analyse and interpret crystallographic preferred orientation, i.e. texture, based on integral (“pole figure”) or individual orientation (“EBSD”) measurements. In particular, MTEX comprises functions to import, analyse and visualize diffraction pole figure data as well as EBSD data, to estimate an orientation density function from either kind of data, to compute texture characteristics, to model orientation density functions in terms of model functions or Fourier coefficients, to simulate pole figure or EBSD data, to create publication ready plots, to write scripts for multiple use, and others. Thus MTEX is a versatile free and open-source software toolbox for texture analysis and modeling.
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