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Authors: Rong Guang Wang, Hiroki Sawada, Mitsuo Kido
Abstract: The electroless plating composite film Ni-P-Al2O3 was prepared on a mild steel of SS400 with stirring of the plating solution. The composite film became thinner and rougher when Al2O3 particles were blended into the plating solution. The corrosion resistance and the wear resistance of the composite film were largely enhanced in comparision to the Ni-P film.
Authors: Rong Guang Wang, Hiroki Sawada, Nan Wang, Jian Nie
Abstract: The Ni-P-Al2O3 composite film was coated on mild steel of SS400 with electroless plating method. In this process, different sizes of Al2O3 particles and different blended amounts of Al2O3 particles into the plating solution were applied. From the surface and cross section observation, it is known that the Al2O3 particles were uniformly dispersed in the Ni-P alloy. The highest corrosion resistance and the highest wear resistance of the Ni-P-Al2O3 composite film were obtained when adding Al2O3 particles with the mean diameter of 0.05μm into the plating solution at the blended amount of 1.0g/L.
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