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Authors: Bilel Neji, Chafaa Hamrouni, Adel M. Alimi, Hiroshi Nakajima
Abstract: Despite the recent advances in space technologies, electrical power systems still are challenging researchers developing small satellites for low earth orbit use. In order to supply their subsystems, these satellites can only use the power stored on board from solar energy. Therefore, the electrical power system should ensure a maximum exploitation of energy sources and optimize the distribution of the available electrical power. In this context, Research Group of Intelligent Machines Laboratory in Tunisia developed a new intelligent electrical power subsystem to be used for pico satellites. This subsystem is based on fuzzy logic allowing a faster energy storage and better and efficient energy distribution. The intelligent electrical power subsystem was successfully integrated in ERPSat-1 pico satellite. In addition, the simulation has shown better results compared to other used methods in the previous electrical power systems used for small satellites.
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