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Authors: Y. Yanagisawa, Tomoaki Hatayama, Hiroshi Yano, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki
Abstract: Propagations of dislocations in 4H-SiC were evaluated three-dimensionally by a planar mapping EBIC method with the control of accelerating voltages. Screw dislocation (SD), edge dislocation (ED), and basal plane dislocation (BPD) were clearly observed through the 20nm-thick Ni Schottky contact on SiC. From the analysis of BPD extended on {0001}, the intensity of EBIC signals was proportional to the depth position of defect. In addition, the information of the decomposition and combination for dislocations can be obtained from the fluctuation of EBIC signal along the scanning position.
Authors: Qamar-ul Wahab, Hajime Kosugi, Hiroshi Yano, Christer Hallin, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Hiroyuki Matsunami
Authors: Tsunenobu Kimoto, Toshihiro Yamamoto, Zhi Yong Chen, Hiroshi Yano, Hiroyuki Matsunami
Authors: T. Hirao, Hiroshi Yano, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Hiromu Shiomi
Authors: Takeyoshi Masuda, Keiji Wada, Toru Hiyoshi, Yu Saitoh, Hideto Tamaso, Mitsuhiko Sakai, Kenji Hiratsuka, Yasuki Mikamura, Masanori Nishiguchi, Tomoaki Hatayama, Hiroshi Yano
Abstract: A breakdown of a conventional trench SiC-MOSFET is caused by oxide breakdown at the bottom of the trench. We have fabricated a novel trench SiC-MOSFET with buried p+ regions and demonstrated the high breakdown voltage of 1700 V and the specific on-resistance of 3.5 mΩcm2.
Authors: Tomoaki Hatayama, T. Shimizu, Hiroshi Yano, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki
Abstract: Anisotropic thermal etching of 4H-SiC {0001} and {11-20} substrates was studied in the mixed gas of chlorine (Cl2) and oxygen (O2) over 900oC. Etch pits appeared only on the (0001) Si face. Etching rates depended on the temperature, O2/Cl2 ratio, and an etching direction on the substrate surfaces. When the mesa structure was formed by the selective etching method, sloped sidewalls were observed around the periphery of the mesa. The angle of sidewalls depended on the orientation of substrates.
Authors: Hiroshi Yano, Toshio Hirao, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Katsunori Asano, Yoshitaka Sugawara
Authors: H. Nakao, Hideno Mikami, Hiroshi Yano, Tomoaki Hatayama, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki
Authors: Hiroshi Yano, Tomoaki Hatayama, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki
Authors: Hidenori Koketsu, Tomoaki Hatayama, Hiroshi Yano, Takashi Fuyuki
Abstract: The sub-trenches in 4H-SiC Si- and C-faces could be disappeared by the thermal treatment in chlorine ambience at 900-1000oC. The surface morphologies of the thermally treated trench-sidewalls were unchanged. It is considered that the sub-trench is selectively removed because thermally Cl2 etching rate of the (0001) Si- and (000-1) C-face are different to the (11-20) and (1-100).
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