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Authors: Shu Feng Li, Hisashi Imai, Akimichi Kojima, Yoshiharu Kosaka, Koji Yamamoto, Motoi Takahashi, Haruhiko Atsumi, Katsuyoshi Kondoh
Abstract: The effect of heat treatment on phase transformation, precipitation behavior and micro-hardness response of Cu40Zn-1.0Ti brass was investigated via powder metallurgy method. The volume fraction of α phase increased with elevated temperature, equaled to that of β phase at 400 °C, and reached to a maximum value of 55.9% at 500 °C. The solid solubility of Ti in Cu40Zn brass matrix decreased with elevated heat treatment temperature, showed high chemical potential for precipitates reaction in Cu40Zn brass. The micro-hardness of the BS40-1.0Ti brass was primarily dependent on the solid solubility of Ti, but also dependent on the phase ratio of α and β phase.
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