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Authors: Lin Jing Xiao, Hong Chang Ding
Abstract: This paper focuses on the stiffness and damping characteristic of hybrid magnetic bearing for high-speed electrical machine. Firstly, it analyzes the structure and working principle of hybrid magnetic bearing, according to the bearing’s magnetic circuit properties, it deduces the equation of the bearing’s magnetic force with displacement and current. Then, combining with the controller parameters it deduces the stiffness and damping equation of magnetic bearing. At last it simulates the stiffness and damping characteristic curve, and the obtained simulation results can give theoretical support for rotor dynamic analysis and modal analysis.
Authors: Hong Chang Ding, Lin Jing Xiao
Abstract: For high-speed permanent magnet (PM) electrical machine, the PM material has very small tensile stress, and it can’t withstand the huge centrifugal force. So, a high-strength sleeve with interference fit is necessary to protect the PM. This paper mainly analyzes the strength of rotor sleeve and PM. It deduces the theoretical calculation method of the strength according to Lame equation, and it also analyzes the stress of sleeve and PM by ANSYS Workbench. The result show that the theoretical calculation value is closely to the ANSYS result, and it can meet the requirements of protecting the permanent magnet in high rotation speed.
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