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Authors: Xin Min Min, Hong Fei Liu
Abstract: It has some encouraging results to use ozone in medicaments, treatments and so on. As it is usually in gas state, unstable and strong oxidability, ozone is difficult to be stored and used commonly. It is the key matter in use of ozone commonly or conveniently that the carrier material and preparation response conditions are studied to make the bond strength between ozone and carrier to be felicitous and with the proper velocity to release ozone from the ozonic compound. Ozonic compound and related single molecules were calculated to study the interaction between ozone and carrier to form ozonic compound. The carrier and ozonic compound are designed from the calculations. The stability of the ozonic compound, or the bond strength between ozone and carrier are controlled felicitously to release ozone from the ozonic compound with proper velocity. Ozone antimicrobial can be composed and used conveniently, especially for common families. There are some characteristics of ozone antimicrobial or ozone, such as universal applicability, efficiency and rapidity, security, strong penetrability, no drug resistance and sterilization and treatment simultaneity.
Authors: Xin Min Min, Hong Fei Liu
Abstract: The related single phases, composites of TiB2/Cu and doped with Fe or Mo series were calculated by the density function and discrete variational method (DFT-DVM) to study the relation among electronic structure, chemical bond and properties. When Fe or Mo is doped into composite, the ionic and covalent bond become stronger, and the interaction between Cu and TiB2 phases also becomes stronger. The influence of doping Mo is more obvious than that of doping Fe. The results are consistent with the experiment that additives of Mo and Fe can improve preparation of TiB2/Cu composite, and effect of additive of Mo is more obvious than that of Fe.
Authors: Hong Fei Liu, Xin Min Min, Yan Ling Chen
Abstract: The process of use catalyst or functional material that contains iron ion to weaken -O-H-X- (X=O, N and S) bond of the thick oil to reduce viscidity or crack, in aspects of the ion charge, covalent bond order, total energy and the average distance of Fe-X, is studied with density function theory and discrete variational method (DFT-DVM), one of the first principle methods. Sulfur is with positive charge, and the hydrogen bond of -O-H-S- does not form. The strength of -O-H-N- hydrogen bond is a bit larger than that of -O-H-O-. With the decrease of the distance of Fe-X (X=O, N), the charge of Fe ion increases, the charge of hydrogen ion decreases, and hydrogen bond is weakened.
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