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Authors: Feng Gao, Lin Jing Xiao, Hong Gang Ma, Shuai Guo
Abstract: To improve the efficiency of the auxiliary transportation system in the coal mine, the monorail auxiliary transportation system was built with the analysis of monorail’s adaptability and road section, and calculation about locomotive selection. The key link of the system’s popularization and application were proposed. The system provides practical significance to improve environment, enhance efficiency and ensure safety in transportation.
Authors: Feng Gao, Lin Jing Xiao, Shuai Guo, Hong Gang Ma
Abstract: This paper mainly analyzes the hydraulic system principle during the monorail braking, and come to a conclusion that the spring stiffness and the throttle valve flow area are main factors affect the brake system. Then we use the MSC.EASY5 to modeling the hydraulic system, and simulate the unloading time of hydraulic cylinder under the spring force, the result shows that, the response time of a braking system can meet the requirement of the coal mine safety regulation, and change the flow area of throttle valve will affect the brake system.
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