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Authors: Hong Ling Li, Xu Duo Bai, Yu Zhu, Yan Qiu Wang, Yu Liang, Hai Jun Niu
Abstract: 4-Phenoxy-4', 4''-diaminotriphenylamine was synthesized from N, N-diarylation of 4-amino diphenyl ether and 4-fluoro nitrobenzene, and subsequent reduction of the resultant dinitro compound. The prepared triphenylamine and 4-methoxy-4', 4''-diaminotriphenylamine were dissolved in acetone respectively as the curing agents with epoxy resins to obtain a homogeneous mixture of the reactants. The cross-linked polymer film, which was well adhered to the ITO glass were cured by gradually increasing the temperature under N2 atmosphere. The cured epoxy resins films exhibited good thermal stability and electroactive properties. CV of the films revealed two pairs of reversible redox peaks, with coloration change from the colorless neutral state to the blue oxidized state.
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