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Authors: Ling Luo, Bai Song Du, Hong Luo
Abstract: Based on the purpose of the bridge health monitoring, a new health monitoring system, including hardware and software part, is proposed for cable-stayed bridges in detail. The system is categorized as five sub-systems covering sensor system, data acquisition system, data analysis system, simulation analysis system, and warning system. Many monitoring parameters including environment wind, temperature field, humidity field, strain, deflection, cable forces, and traffic can be obtained by those five sub-systems. The purpose and monitoring content of each parameter are illustrated in the paper, and moreover, the method of the layout of the measuring points is put forward.
Authors: Ling Luo, Hong Luo, Bai Song Du
Abstract: In the companion paper, a new health monitoring system with five sub-systems is proposed for cable-stayed bridges. In this paper, for a health monitoring system of the cable-stayed bridge, it is classified four levels as excellent, good, fair, and poor base on the function of the system at the first time. The monitoring systems of the second Wujiang Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge with a low tower and a high tower, and the Shibangou Yangtze River Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge with regular double towers, are employed as two examples to narrate the determination of the monitoring parameters, monitoring contents and methods, the principles of the positions of measuring points, and evaluation of the system grade. The health monitoring system for the cable-stayed bridge sets up a good example for other types of bridges and has a reference value for the development of the bridge health monitoring systems.
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