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Authors: Xiao Heng Liu, Chang Yu, Min Jun Zou, Hong Mei Yin
Abstract: To investigate the interaction of the adherent cell and shear flow, a compound drop model was developed to simulate a living adherent cell adhered to a smooth substrate, and a two dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was conducted to solve the model equations. The results showed that the deformability of the cell increases with Reynolds number and initial contact angle. The nucleus deforms with the cell, and the deformation index of the cell is greater than that of the nucleus. The cell is more deformable while the nucleus is more capable of resisting external shear flow. The cell and the nucleus are not able to deform infinitely with the increase of Reynolds number and the deformation index reaches a maximum. We conclude that the nucleus plays a particular role in the mechanical properties of the adherent cell.
Authors: Xiao Heng Liu, Hong Mei Yin, Yi Lai, Long Juan Xue
Abstract: In present study a theoretical model was established to simulate the interaction between the adherent endothelial cell and fluid shear flow. A two-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was conducted to solve the model equations. The results showed that the model cell was deformed under steady shear flow. It spread along the flow direction, and decreased its height. The deformation index (DI) increased with Reynolds number of applied fluid flow. The DI of the cell increased greatly when the initial contact angle (α) was smaller than 130°, and then it was less important with the increase of α. These results suggest that the fluid shear flow may play a particular role in the mechanism of cell activation and in the regulation of endothelial cells functions.
Authors: Ye Chang, Jin Jun Ji, Hong Mei Yin
Abstract: Laser cutting is widely applied in the modern industry. With the development of production, there is a higher demand for the improvement of cutting quality. Hence, investigating the influence of laser cutting parameters on the sheet quality is of important significance in the quality control of the sheet processing. So, this research mainly investigated the influence of the cutting system performance on the cutting quality. First, the experiment was conducted to investigate these system parameters such as mode of light velocity, polarity, nozzle, and airflow etc. Then, by contrasting the experimental data, the optimal system parameter was obtained.
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