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Authors: Yong Qiang Ma, Xiao Li Wu, Zun Tao Zheng, Ying Yang, Chen Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, Li Xuan Meng
Abstract: The residual levels and dissipation rates of metaldehyde in cabbage and soil at three main cabbage-growing areas in china were determined by A simple,rapid and sensitive analytical method with liquid chromatography with TripleQuad mass spectrometry (LC–MS–MS). The limit of quantification (LOQ) was 0.0005,0.0005mg/kg for soil and cabbage, respectively. The mean half-life of metaldehyde was 5.84 days in cabbage and 3.17 days in soil. The final residues in cabbage and soil detected at 7 days after the last spreading were considerably all below 1mg/kg (the MRL of China). Low residues in cabbage and soil suggest that this pesticide may be safe to use under the recommended dosage.
Authors: Wen Bi Guan, Yong Qian Ma, Hong Yan Zhang
Abstract: The dissipation dynamics and final residues of fluopyram in cucumber and soil were studied. Cucumber and soil samples were extracted with acetonitrile, cleaned up by PSA, determined by gas chromatography with electron capture detection. The LOQ of this method was found 0.003 mg/kg. The results of residual dynamics experiment showed that the half-lives of fluopyram in cucumber and soil were 3.7-4.3 days and 5.8-6.2 days, respectively. Residues of fluopyram in cucumber were all below 0.5mg/kg at both recommended high dosage and 1.5 times of recommended high dosage.
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