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Authors: Hua Du, Hui Min Xie, Hai Chang Jiang, Li Jian Rong, Qi Ang Luo, Chang Zhi Gu, Ya-Pu Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, a new technique for fabricating grating on the surface of porous TiNi SMA is proposed. The grating is directly written onto the surface of the specimen using the FIB milling. No photoresist is required during the lithography process. From the experimental results, it can be obviously seen that the grating fabricated by FIB milling has a better quality than that by electron beam lithography. Using the self-made FIB grating, the in-plane deformation of the porous TiNi SMA in microscale is studied by SEM moiré method. Moiré and the microscopical structures are synchronously observed, including microcracks, martensites and grain boundaries.
Authors: Hui Min Xie, Yan Jie Li, Hua Du, Bing Pan, Qiang Luo, Chang Zhi Gu, Hai Chang Jiang
Abstract: In this study, focused gallium ion (Ga+) beam is utilised to fabricate micro/submicron spacing gratings on specimen surface. The grating types include: parallel, cross, and hybrid (grating with double-frequency). Several hybrid gratings with double frequency were produced in combination mode or superposition mode, which have a good potential to measure deformation within different range. Techniques for producing different type of gratings are discussed in detail. As an application, a 5000 lines/mm grating was fabricated on an amorphous SIC MEMS cantilever and was successfully used to measure its virtual strain with aid of digital moiré. The experimental results verify the feasibility of fabricating high frequency grating on metal or non-metal surface using the FIB milling and the resultant grating can be used to measure micro-deformation.
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