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Authors: Thierry Chassagne, Gabriel Ferro, H. Haas, André Leycuras, Hugues Mank, Yves Monteil
Authors: F. Fossard, J. Brault, N. Gogneau, Eva Monroy, F. Enjalbert, Le Si Dang, E. Bellet-Amalric, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, B. Daudin
Authors: N. Gogneau, F. Fossard, Eva Monroy, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, B. Daudin
Authors: Eva Monroy, E. Sarigiannidou, F. Fossard, E. Enjalbert, N. Gogneau, E. Bellet-Amalric, J. Brault, J.-L. Rouvière, Le Si Dang, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, B. Daudin
Authors: F. Fossard, N. Gogneau, Eva Monroy, Le Si Dang, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, B. Daudin
Authors: Marcin Zielinski, Catherine Moisson, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, Thierry Chassagne, Sebastien Roy, Anne Elisabeth Bazin, Jean François Michaud, Marc Portail
Abstract: In this contribution we recapitulate the state of the art of silicon carbide and related materials polishing. Since the demonstration (by Vicente et al) of an ultimate preparation of Si-face -SiC wafers some important progresses were made in the field of surface preparation of silicon carbide and related materials. This concerns the industrial, high output treatments of substrates of increasing size, as well as the research studies of the feasibility of new preparation approaches for wide band gap materials. We also discuss the problems related to the polishing of the polycrystalline material and to the planarization of epilayers.
Authors: Hugues Mank, Catherine Moisson, Daniel Turover, Mark E. Twigg, Stephen E. Saddow
Abstract: In this work, we have investigated the 3C-SiC re-growth on planarized 3C-SiC epitaxial layers, grown on (001)Si, after the application of a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process. A specific polishing process was developed for 3C-SiC to achieve a flat, high-quality surface. The interface between the deposited 3C-SiC and the polished 3C-SiC on Si film was studied by TEM characterization to determine if defects appear at this interface. It was observed that no additional defects were nucleated at the interface. The resulting re-grown film roughness, as a function of film thickness, was studied and is reported along with recommendations for future work.
Authors: Marcin Zielinski, Sylvain Monnoye, Hugues Mank, Catherine Moisson, Thierry Chassagne, Adrien Michon, Marc Portail
Abstract: First objective of present contribution is to supply a compact description of two thickness-dependent characteristics of state of the art as-grown 3C-SiC/Si templates: structural quality and surface morphology. Second objective is to point out the benefits of surface planarization and indicate the temperature limits of thermal treatment that can be applied to polished 3C-SiC/Si templates without deterioration of planarization results. We believe that this kind of overview, based on our long term experience in fabrication of 3C-SiC/Si templates, may be useful for the scientific community working on future applications of cubic silicon carbide polytype.
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