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Authors: Hui Xing Lin, Xiang Yu Zhao, Ai Min Yang, Hua Xin Li, Wei Chen, Lan Luo
Abstract: In this study, 2BaO-3B2O3 (BB) glass was used as a sintering aid to lower the sintering temperature of Ba2Ti9O20 ceramics. Microwave Characteristics of the BB-added Ba2Ti9O20 ceramics sintered at different temperatures were investigated. The crystalline phases of BB-Ba2Ti9O20 ceramics are Ba2Ti9O20, BaTi(BO3)2 and TiO2. Good microwave dielectric properties (εr = 26, Q*f = 28770GHz and τf = 14.6ppm/oC) were obtained by sintering the BB-added Ba2Ti9O20 ceramics at 1040oC for 2 h.
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