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Authors: D. Tseronis, I.F. Sideris, C. Medrea, Ionel Chicinaş
Abstract: This paper studies the fracture surfaces of an aluminium hot extrusion die that broke down during operation. The die was constructed, from H13 steel and was intended for the production of 60,000 Kg of aluminium profile. The male part fractured during operation after the production of 500 Kg profile. Initially, the machine and thermal treatments that were applied for construction of the die were collected and studied. The die was carefully inspected visually with a stereoscope. The fracture surfaces, some cracks, and the structure that was not affected by the failure, were investigated by optical microscopy. The thickness, quality and homogeneity of the nitrated layers were inspected. Additional information concerning the fracture was obtained by examining a primary crack using a scanning electron microscope and chemical analysis of the material was made using EDX attachment. The paper reports on some interesting observations relating to the fractured component, the type of the fractures, and the quality of the heat treatments, and presents some of the probable causes that led to the premature failure of the die.
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