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Authors: Rachael L. Myers-Ward, Y. Shishkin, Olof Kordina, I. Haselbarth, Stephen E. Saddow
Abstract: A 4H-SiC epitaxial growth process has been developed in a horizontal hot-wall CVD reactor using a standard chemistry of silane-propane-hydrogen, producing repeatable growth rates up to 32 μm/h. The growth rate was studied as a function of pressure, silane flow rate, and growth time. The structural quality of the films was determined by X-ray diffraction. A 65 μm thick epitaxial layer was grown at the 32 μm/h rate, resulting in a smooth, specular film morphology with occasional carrot-like and triangular defects. The film proved to be of high structural quality with an X-ray rocking curve FWHM value of the (0004) peak of 11 arcseconds.
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