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Authors: Ikuo Yamamoto, Naohiro Inagawa, Takunori Tsuji, Takenari Otawa, Takashi Takimoto, Masaaki Iwasaki, Tomokazu Hiratsuka
Abstract: The authors developed low cost unmanned helicopter, real time video data transmitting system and a new type flying robots. The effectiveness is confirmed by real field experiment tests. Hazard map for disaster countermeasures is made on the basis of data obtained by the aviation vehicle system. The hazard map is delivered directly to a smart phone and a tablet PC. Therefore residents can keep track of disaster information quickly and accurately.
Authors: Ikuo Yamamoto, Nobuhiro Shin, Taishi Oka, Miki Matsui
Abstract: The authors have developed a shark ray robotic fish based on biomimetic approaches. The paper describes the newly developed robotic fish technology and its application to mechatronics in the space. It is found that robotic fish technology creates not only new underwater robotics, but also the next generation space mechatronics for geological survey of lunar/planets and dust cleaning in the space station.
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