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Authors: Ilham Abdureyim, Arkin Hamdulla, Mamatjan Tursun, Kalbinur Ahmat, Mamtimin Gheni
Abstract: The numerical controlled plastic film cutting machine in our design is used for flower bags making. It is composed of four parts; cutting mechanism, delivering mechanism, tool rest and machine bed. The tool rest is a critical structure to cutting and adhering operations. The tool rest is a long -thin rod with big span, usually it’s failure is because of bending deformation caused by less stiffness. In this study, we finished FEM 3D modeling of tool rest structure to increase its structure stiffness. We analyzed bending deformation characteristics of the tool rest, performed 3D FEM analysis and choose a relatively reliable structure after comparing maximum deformation in three different candidate structures. As a result, support structure of the tools rest was optimized, providing us a numerical data for structure reformation.
Authors: Jurat Matruzi, Mamtimin Gheni, Ilham Abdureyim, Xamxinur Abdikerem
Abstract: In this study, the directionally fixed air tunnel testing equipment are used for obtain nearly close natural uniform wind and provide more stable wind speed for tunnel test. The changes of sand ripple moving speed in different location are observed under given wind speed condition. The sand ripple lines formation and moving process are tested on flat surface of sand, in Taklimakan desert. The results shown that the sand ripple forming rapidly from non ripple surface to ripple surface and moving along the wind direction. Though the sand ripples in the testing region have some difference about its moving speed, the sand ripple moving speed appear linearity relationship between sand moving displacement and the moving time. This phenomenon indicate that the sand ripple almost occurs and moving at the same time in the uniform wind stream field.
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