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Authors: Taketoshi Suwa, Toshiro Sakae, Hiroshi Nakada, Yasuko Numata, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Isamu Sato
Abstract: To clarify new bone tissues, radiography with a newly developed tunable wavelength and highly parallel Parametric X-ray, PXR, was applied. Methods: PXR was generated by a LINAC at LEBRA, Nihon University (Hayakawa et al., 2005). X-ray wavelength was tuned from 7 KeV, 0.177 nm, to 16 KeV, 0.0775 nm. Coated or grit-blasted Ti-alloy implants modified with coating or blasting were implanted in surgically created defects in rabbit tibia. Undecalcified polished thin sections were prepared from the implant/bone areas 1 and 4 weeks after implantation. Results: PXR radiography showed a distinct difference between the newly formed bone and the compact bone. Color-mapping of the images showed an increase in the total amount of bone formation with time. Conclusion: Application of LEBRA-PXR, a high-powered, highly monochromatized and highly parallel oriented X-ray allowed easy and accurate radiographic analysis of new bone formation around the implant.
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