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Authors: J.B. Manuel, J.H. de Araújo, Franciné Alves Costa, Harim Revoredo de Macedo, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, A.G.P. Silva
Abstract: Cemented tungsten carbides were produced by liquid-phase sintering. In these work high energy milling (HEM) was used to produce homogeneous and finely grained powder mixtures. The milling effect on the magnetic properties of sintered samples is studied. Different mixtures in same composition (WC-10wt.%Co) were prepared by conventional mixture technique and wet HEM up to 300 hs in Planetary Mill. Magnetic hysteresis measurements on the sintered samples detected a significant increase in the coercitive field and a decrease on the saturation magnetization with milling time increasing. X-ray diffractogram show phase transformations with milling time. The Magnetic properties are correlated with phase relations and microstructural properties of the sintered samples.
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