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Authors: Tao Chen, F.G. Yan, J.S. Hu, Yun Peng Ding, H.Y. Han
Abstract: This paper proposes a new approach to modeling the cutting force, based on friction behavior on tool-chip interface in precision hard turning. The modeling touches on such researches as into experimental relationship between cutting force and cutting load on tool-chip friction interface, equivalent transformation of radius cutting edge, transformation between orthogonal cutting and 3D cutting, and calculating cutting force coefficient. The model has realized the transformation from orthogonal cutting to oblique cutting, then to 3D cutting, which can make calculation results of all parameters in orthogonal cutting model transplant into complex 3D cutting. The experiments indicate accuracy and effectiveness of the cutting force prediction model
Authors: Xin Min Feng, S.M. Zhang, J.S. Hu, X. Song, F. Liu
Abstract: Based on the cutting performance parameter of hardened steel 7CrSiMnMoV and the application of fuzzy synthetic evaluation principle, the essay establishes a two-level fuzzy synthetic evaluation model of the machinability of 7CrSiMnMoV. Choosing cutting force, cutting temperature and surface roughness of the workpiece produced during machining process as the evaluation index, data are measured through experiment and a synthetic evaluation of the machinability of hardened steel 7CrSiMnMoV is conducted. The result shows that it is reasonable to use cutting force, cutting temperature and surface roughness of the workpiece as evaluation index to evaluate the material machinability. And it also provides guidance to the selection of tools and the technological parameters during the process of cutting 7CrSiMnMoV.
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