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Authors: J.Z. Hu, Shi Ning Ma, X.R. Chen
Abstract: A new novel cored wire for producing FeCrAl/WC intermetallic coating by arc spraying was developed. The erosion wastage at high temperature of the coating was researched with different impingement angles and temperatures. The results indicated that impingement angle and temperature greatly affected erosion wastage of the coating. At the same time, when impingement angle was 90°, different temperature had a little effect on the erosion wastage. And when temperature was 650°C, different impingement angle had a little effect on the erosion wastage too. As compared with water wall tube material (G20 steel) of power station boiler, the erosion resistance at high temperature of the coating was higher. The erosion resistance rate of the coating was 1.94~2.89 times of that of G20 steel when temperature was 650°C and particle was polygonal silica. The results indicated that erosive condition of high temperature flue gas and fly ash mixture in boiler tube of pulverized coal fired power station could be solved with the FeCrAl/WC coating.
Authors: J.Z. Hu, Shi Ning Ma, X.R. Chen
Abstract: A new Copper-base SHS welding material was developed to meet the demand of the welding mend about metal parts in field. The structure and properties of the welding line were studied and the results indicated that the welding was belong to fusion welding, the fusion area between the parent metal and the welding line was clear, the tensile strength of the welding line over 200MPa, the bend strength close to 600MPa and the surface hardness close to HRB130. All these indicated that this copper-base material could be used in emergency maintenance welding about metal parts.
Authors: X.R. Chen, J.Z. Hu, Wen Zheng Han, Bin Shi Xu
Abstract: Vanadium oxide thin film which has a reversible semiconductor-metal phase transition has been obtained by reactive ion-beam sputtering and subsequent annealing in Ar gas. Micro-analysis shows that this thin film is homogeneous and compact, its spheric grain size is about 50nm and it is composed of VO2 and V2O5. Electrical properties testing indicate that its phase transition temperature is near 60°C, abrupt change of resistivity before and after phase transition is approximate to 3 orders of magnitude, temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) is about -0.0393K-1 at 25°C and activation energy is about 0.3006eV at the range of low temperature. Using a pulse laser beam with wavelength of 1064nm and pulse width of 10ns, laser damage threshold was obtained to be 20.1mJ/cm2. Damage spot morphology of the film was also researched carefully to discover its laser damage mechanism. All results above prove that this thin film is a perfect thermo-sensitive material that can be used for uncooled infrared detector and laser protection.
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