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Authors: Izabela Fijał-Kirejczyk, Jacek J. Milczarek, Jacek Banaszak, Joanna Żołądek, Andrzej Trzciński
Abstract: The results of the dynamic neutron radiography studies on drying of wet kaolin cylinders in the forced warm air flow are presented. The sample shrinkage and loss of water during drying was analyzed in terms of the brightness of registered neutron radiographs, and sample mass and temperature. The water saturation of the sample with water was discussed in comparison to the changes in local neutron effective macroscopic cross section. The neutron radiography results reveal more details of the drying process than gravimetric measurements indicating nonuniform distribution of water within samples. The obscuring effect of the scattered neutrons on the determination of the water content is discussed on the basis of the MC simulations results.
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