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Authors: Andrzej Misiuk, Adam Barcz, Jacek Ratajczak, Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk
Authors: Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk, Andrzej Misiuk, Artem Shalimov, Jacek Ratajczak, Barbara Surma, G. Gawlik
Authors: A. Czerwinski, Jacek Ratajczak, J. Katcki, A. Bakowski, Mietek Bakowski
Authors: E. Papis, Anna Piotrowska, T.T. Piotrowski, K. Gołaszewska, L. Ilka, R. Kruszka, Jacek Ratajczak, J. Kątcki, J. Wróbel, M. Aleszkiewicz, R. Łukaskiewicz
Abstract: Fabrication of surface-relief microstructures in GaSb for application in mid-infrared optoelectronic devices is described. Photo- and e-beam lithography was used to define patterns on GaSb surfaces. Ar/O2 sputter etching and RIE in BCl3-based plasma were applied to transfer preshaped master into the GaSb substrate. Circular microlenses with an aspect ratio (height to diameter) 0.4/10 µm and circular gratings with 0.4 µm linewidth / 1 µm period and 1.7 µm depth have been demonstrated.
Authors: Andrzej Misiuk, Adam Barcz, Jacek Ratajczak, I.V. Antonova, J. Jun
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