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Authors: James Mardel, K.R. Chynoweth, M.E. Smith, C.H.J. Johnson, Timothy J. Bastow, Anita J. Hill
Authors: Sheridan Mayo, Andrew Stevenson, Stephen Wilkins, Da Chao Gao, Steven Mookhoek, Sam Meure, Tony Hughes, James Mardel
Abstract: X-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography add an additional dimension to conventional x-ray methods by exploiting the x-ray refraction effects in addition to x-ray absorption in forming an image. This greatly enhances the visibility of edges, voids and boundaries within a sample. It also makes it possible to characterise weakly x-ray absorbing samples which would produce little or no contrast in conventional x-ray imaging. Here we described the application of a laboratory-based x-ray phase-contrast microscope to x-ray micro-tomography of a self-healing polymer system and the quantitative analysis of the resulting three dimensional (3D) datasets to better understand the healing and ageing processes.
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