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Authors: Jean-Louis Robert, Sylvie Contreras, Jean Camassel, Julien Pernot, Sandrine Juillaguet, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon
Authors: Jean Marie Bluet, Julien Pernot, Thierry Billon, Sylvie Contreras, J.F. Michaud, Jean-Louis Robert, Jean Camassel
Authors: S. Azema, V. Mosser, Jean Camassel, R. Piotrzkowski, Jean-Louis Robert, Pierre Gibart, J.-P. Contour, J. Massié, A. Marty
Authors: Julien Pernot, Sylvie Contreras, Jean Camassel, Jean-Louis Robert
Abstract: We report a detailed investigation of the electrical properties of p-type 4H-SiC. In the range 100 K-800 K we show that, both, the temperature dependence of the hole concentration and Hall mobility is satisfactorily described using the relaxation time approximation. Performing a detailed comparison of in-situ vs. implantation doping, we evidence an incomplete activation of the dose (about 50 ±10 %) with apparition of a large number of compensating centres in the implanted layers.
Authors: V. Mosser, Sylvie Contreras, P. Lorenzini, Jean-Louis Robert
Authors: Julien Pernot, Jean Camassel, Hervé Peyre, Jean-Louis Robert
Authors: Julien Pernot, Sylvie Contreras, E. Neyret, Lea Di Cioccio, W. Zawadzki, Jean-Louis Robert
Authors: P. Thomas, Sylvie Contreras, Sandrine Juillaguet, Jean-Louis Robert, Jean Camassel, J. Gimbert, Thierry Billon, C. Jaussaud
Authors: R. Piotrzkowski, E. Litwin-Staszewska, Jean-Louis Robert
Authors: P. Terziyska, Julien Pernot, Sylvie Contreras, Jean-Louis Robert, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon
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