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Authors: Moonkyong Na, In Ho Kang, Jeong Hyun Moon, Wook Bahng
Abstract: Nickel (Ni) is the most widely used metal for the formation of ohmic contact on n-type SiC. However, the irregular contact can potentially cause degradation in the device performance. To form the uniform ohmic interface, titanium (Ti) was applied as a barrier layer. Ni/Ti/SiC and Ti/Ni/SiC contact metal structures were prepared, and ohmic contacts were formed using a rapid thermal annealing process. The interfacial properties of both contact metal structures were enhanced by applying the Ti layer. The specific contact resistance of ohmic contacts showed a slightly lower or similar value (~ low 105 Ωcm2) compared with the specific contact resistance values formed from only the Ni contact metal.
Authors: Hyun Jin Jung, Seung Bok Yun, In Ho Kang, Jeong Hyun Moon, Won Jeong Kim, Wook Bahng
Abstract: The influence of stacking faults (SFs) and triangular defects (TDs) on the electrical properties of 4H-SiC Schottky barrier diode (SBD) were investigated. The SF types and locations were distinguished and mapped by using room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) and optical microscope. SBDs were fabricated including the location of SF’s and TD’s. The effects of the types of defects and its area portion in the fabricated SBDs were also investigated. Based on the present data, 3C-TD has more harmful effect rather than the other SFs. The fabricated SBDs including SFs showed that increase of area portion of SF’s also resulted increase of specific on resistance of SBDs.
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