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Authors: Guo Jian Jiang, Shu Ping Yao, Yun Ying Liu, Jia Yue Xu, Hui Shen, Min Jin, Gui Hua Peng
Abstract: VO2 thin films were obtained from V2O5 thin film in the thermal decompose process. V2O5 thin films were prepared in the spin-coating way and with V2O5 sol-gels as raw materials fabricated by the reformative inorganic sol-gel method. The effects of the viscosity of colloid on the fabrication of V2O5 film and the thermal decomposing temperature on the fabrication of VO2 film were studied. The results show that the appropriate viscosity of colloid to obtain well-distributed V2O5 film was in the range of 30g/L-40g/L and suitable thermal decomposing temperature was about 500°C.
Authors: Min Jin, Hui Shen, Jia Yue Xu
Abstract: In the present work, a pulling down method was introduced to prepare the KNbO3 crystals and the growth results were evaluated. It was found the Pt crucible with 60° cone angle and folds at the seed well was helpful to obtain KNbO3 crystal with nice integrity. The blue color occurred on the top of KNbO3 ingot was confirmed to be orthorhombic KNbO3 by XRD analysis. Some complex domain structures, including 60°, 90° and 180° domains, were happened in the crystal which were attributed to phase transitions when it was cooled down to room temperature.
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