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Authors: Jing Feng, Jian Li Zhang, Yong Tao Ma
Abstract: For the biggest top steel ring, the sampling device characteristic seriously influences on precision sampling. The simulation model was built in AMESim and certificated by experiments. Through simulation, the external load and the car interior are important factors in speed stability. It derived the calculation formula on external load and compared with experimental results. Under the load limit, the velocity will stable with load change. Above the load limit, the velocity will fluctuate violently. An overweight car prolongs the starting time and aggravates the braking vibration. Under a reasonable design specification, 300kg is optimum. These conclusions had been applied in this newly designed device effectively.
Authors: Jing Feng, Jian Li Zhang
Abstract: Nonlinear vibration in turning long-thin axis becomes one of the instable factors of the quality. Mathematical models are built based on this dynamic process and simulation program is organized by common software. Poincare and phase diagram of this model are obtained and the important influence factors can be concluded from these diagrams. The results provides theoretical base for improving stability of turning process.
Authors: Jian Li Zhang, Hua Dong Zheng
Abstract: According to the actual iron production in Shougang, four devices of Material particle size detection system are designed. The structure and principle of equipment and the design of control system are introduced in this paper. The results of Physical testing and factory commissioning show that the control procedures are safe and reliable. The smooth production can be ensured. All the parameters can meet the production requirements.
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