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Authors: Xin Qin Jin, Jian Yi Zhang, Dan Song
Abstract: Graphic elements is the most likely form to accept in people’s visual perception of man-machine interface, different people will have different cognitive graphics understanding. In this paper, the rectangular cylindrical, triangular prism, cylindrical, conical, spherical geometry as a stimulus, and test the reaction time of the subjects, the misuse rate of indicators above the 5 geometries recognized. The outcome: In terms of “press”, rectangular cylindrical, triangular prism, cylindrical is more sensitive than conical; In terms of “pull”, triangular prism, cylindrical is more sensitive than spherical; In terms of “spin”, cylindrical, spherical is more sensitive than rectangular, triangular prism; In terms of “drag”, rectangular cylindrical, triangular prism-shaped is more sensitive than spherical.
Authors: Jian Yi Zhang, Jin Gang Jiang, Qiang Lv, Dan Yang Xu
Abstract: Aiming to the young people’s requirements on mobile phone design, market research for target population is done. Requirements on mobile phone design are found. Compared to existing mobile phone, the direction of mobile phone conceptual design is planned. A novel conceptual mobile phone is designed based on TRIZ theory. Based on TRIZ theory, the solution process is simple, has clear goal, and the effect is outstanding. So TRIZ theory is a good way of innovation.
Authors: Yan Ling Zhao, Feng Ling Wu, Peng Wang, Jian Yi Zhang
Abstract: Steel ball, as a rolling body of all kinds of bearings, it direct affects the bearings precision, dynamic performance and service life. This paper introduces the digital image technology Radial Basis Function (RBF)-Neural network, based on extracting the Steel Ball surface defect image features, used the strategy which is combined with static- dynamic clustering to union the two-stage study and design the hidden layer structure. Simulation and experiment show that the RBF-neural network runs stably, has fast convergence and overall accuracy rate of 96%. These can meet the needs of practical application.
Authors: Qiang Du, Li Zhang, Jian Yi Zhang
Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the water transfer printing craft's basic concepts and characteristics, water transfer printing technology classification, material that water transfer printing technology uses , water transfer printing process of applications and the analysis of water transfer printing technology application prospect .
Authors: Xin Qin Jin, Jian Yi Zhang, Yu Hong Liu
Abstract: The ergonomics research of the joystick in excavator cab is a problem which requires immediately solution in our country. In this paper, we come to a conclusion that the improved cab takes shorter time and less muscle activity than the previous cab which means that the improved cab have advantage to the previous one in comfort and work efficiency.
Authors: Jian Yi Zhang, Jun Qiang Cao
Abstract: Industrial design is a design practical activity based on innovation. TRIZ is a method and tool about systematic innovation. The invention principles of TRIZ are suitable for finding a new path of industrial design. This paper analyses the basic principle of TRIZ theory, and discusses the application of the principle of TRIZ in industrial design field. On the basis of the theory of TRIZ, two new products are designed. The corresponding result shows the combination of industrial design and innovation methods will promote industrial design.
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