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Authors: Shi Xing Jia, Long Zhang, Jian Zhu
Abstract: A method of fabrication of micro via-hole by wet-etching of Pyrex glass is presented in the paper. The through holes with double funnel-shape have been fabricated attribute to isotropic etching. Furthermore, the funnel-shape holes are advantageous to the joint sealing and have been applied to fabricate microfluid chips. The results show that the proportioning of corrosion solution is HF:HCl:H2O=3:6:10, and the corrosion rate is about 0.67um/min, the diameter of the holes on the both-side of the wafer is only 750 um, the middle ones are 300um
Authors: Jing Wu, Shi Xing Jia, Yun Xiang Wang, Jian Zhu
Abstract: The study is performed to implement the Gold-Gold thermocompression bonding for the wafer-level packaging of MEMS chips. Numerous experimental attempts have been carried out to select the metal film adhesive to avoid the Au-Si melt together and optimize bonding processes to intensify the Au-Au eutectic bonding. Finally the results display that the eutectic bonding of the gold-gold are arrived as electrical as well as mechanical interconnection of the MEMS structure and as seal as well as bonding intension.
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