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Authors: Bao Dong Lou, Xiao Jiang Zhao, Jiao Rong Gao, Zhi Yong Yang, Yu Quan Zhang, Hao Huang
Abstract: Sustainable energy generation is becoming increasingly important. Our oceans are largely an untapped source of energy. This paper presents an innovative design method for converting the linear motion of ocean waves into electricity energy. The design principle and the construction details have been presented.
Authors: Si Hong Liu, Yan Qiao Wang, Jiao Rong Gao, Yuan Zheng Jin
Abstract: Soilbags have been understood to have the effect of vibration reduction and can be used as a kind of base isolation in building foundations. In this paper, a series of cyclic simple shear tests were carried out on soilbags filled with three kinds of soils under different vertical stresses to investigate the damping and stiffness characters of the soilbags. The results show that soilbags have a relatively high damping ratio and variable horizontal stiffness so that they can be used as base isolation materials.
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