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Authors: Jie Zhou, Tian Rui Zhou
Abstract: The deformation ability of metals and the mechanic characteristics of metal parts are closely related to the material’s microstructure and grain size, so it’s important to study the simulation techniques of microstructure evolution. Common microstructure simulation techniques include digital simulation and graphic simulation. This paper firstly introduced the simulation techniques of microstructure, and then focused on the graphic simulation technique that can directly show grain boundary network’s evolution process. It then built a Monte Carlo model of the grain growth during super plastic deformation, and implemented the graphic illustration of grain growth using Visual Studio software. The result matched well with the experimental outcome, which proved the usability of the technique
Authors: Rong Xie, Ke Yan, Jie Zhou
Abstract: For the issues of unreasonable taxi distribution, high load rate and low dispatching efficiency etc. in the current city calling taxi services, the paper presents some key technologies of implementation of taxi driver-passenger bidirectional search system based on smart phones, including map matching, hotspot analysis, taxi route planning and bidirectional search UI. The results help achieve efficiency of urban taxi service.
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