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Authors: Yukifumi Yoshida, Masayuki Otsuji, Hiroaki Takahashi, Jim Snow, Farid Sebaai, Frank Holsteyns, Paul W. Mertens, Masanobu Sato, Hajime Shirakawa, Hirofumi Uchida
Abstract: of these new materials have necessitated the evaluation of new chemicals and processing methods. The control of the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentration to suppress Cu corrosion is well established in BEOL processing and likewise in order to achieve a hydrophobic surface after pre-epi cleaning in FEOL surface preparation [2].
Authors: Yukifumi Yoshida, Hiroaki Takahashi, Masanobu Sato, Jim Snow, Farid Sebaai, Frank Holsteyns
Abstract: The impact of rinsing liquid for Germanium surface after wet chemical treatment is described. The different Ge loss after processing with different rinse (UPW and CO2 water) were determined and the different surface morphologies on the Ge surface after processing with different chemicals (AOM, HF and HCl) were determined by XPS. It was found that the investigation of surface morphology after chemical treatment is necessary to understand the rinse effect and the results showed the CO2 water rinse can decrease and suppress Ge loss at chemical treatment
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