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Authors: M.V. Shankar, Jin Hua Ye
Abstract: Pristine ETS-4, a microporous titanosilicate zeotype material was successfully synthesized by using inorganic alkaline-sols as precursors for the first time. Use of halogen/organic free medium, drastic reduction in excess amount of alkali precursors and short synthesis time makes this methodology much more versatile. Sr-ETS-4 material was prepared using ion-exchange process. Structural, optical, bulk and surface properties of the synthesized materials were thoroughly examined and their properties are interpreted. The photocatalytic experiments were conducted under UV light irradiation. Further, Sr-ETS-4 material has showed ca. 4 times higher photocatalytic efficiency for photocatalytic methanol reforming as compared with pristine ETS-4 catalyst. The observed higher photocatalytic efficiency of Sr-ETS-4 catalyst might be attributed to better electron transfer properties of Sr-ion and semiconducting property of one-dimensional titanium chains within zeotype structure.
Authors: Junwang Tang, Defa Wang, Zhi Gang Zou, Jin Hua Ye
Authors: Jin Hua Ye, Zheng Guang Zou, M. Oshikiri, Takaaki Shishido
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