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Authors: Jia Wei, Jing Chang Zhang
Abstract: Vanadium oxide nanotubes (VOX-NT) have been synthesized by using amine as structure-directing template and V2O5 as precursor under hydrothermal conditions (160°C, 7 days). The XRD, FTIR and TEM have been performed to optimize the synthesis conditions such as the amine species and the molar ratio between V2O5 and amine. The results of TEM show that the same molar ratio of V2O5 and butylamine (1.0:1.0) produce a mass of nanotubes which have intact figuration. The diameters are about 80nm for most of the nanotubes prepared by V2O5 and octadecylamine. While the obtained VOX-NT prepared by V2O5 and n-butylamine were found having diameters from 28.51nm to 97.80nm and the distance between the vanadium oxide layers is 1.84 nm comfirmed by XRD. FTIR also display that some changes of the structure have been occurred during the formation of the nanotubes compared with the staring materials.
Authors: Xian Hao Liu, Shu Xia Lu, Wei Liang Cao, Jing Chang Zhang
Abstract: Various morphologies of silver films fabricated by the thermal decomposition of silver behenate have been studied. The morphological structures of silver behenate films at different heating temperatures are characterized by using SEM, IR and XRD. It is found that, while heating the silver behenate films, the formed silver particles are stabilized by the other thermal decomposition products in the range of 193°C∼320°C. The influence of silver behenate concentration in organic solvent on the formation and packing density of as-fabricated silver films by thermal treatment on the silver behenate films at 500°C has been studied. The results show that the silver film fabricated by a millimolar solution of silver behenate possesses a silver monolayer; the silver thick film can be formed at high concentration, and interestingly, silver particles with regular triangular or truncated triangular shape in the silver thick film are also obtained.
Authors: Joon Ching Juan, Yarmo Mohd Ambar, Jing Chang Zhang
Abstract: The heterogeneous 12-tungstophosphoric acid (HPW) catalyst is becoming important in industrial processes for example in esterification reaction. A novel solid acid catalyst of HPW entrapped on mesoporous silica was synthesized by sol gel technique. Neutral template dodecylamine was introduced to obtain mesopores structure catalyst. The physical and chemical properties of the catalyst were characterized by XRD, nitrogen sorption and FTIR. In conclusion, this new type of mesoporous solid acid catalyst is a very promising heterogeneous acid catalyst for esterification reaction involving bulky molecules such as fatty acid.
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