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Authors: Jing Zhang, Jiang Long Yu, Ping Yang Wang, Huan Zhao
Abstract: The paper provides an overview of surface modification and application of fly ash cenospheres. The state of the art research and development of electromagnetic wave absorption materials based on surface treated fly ash cenospheres are summarized.
Authors: Jing Zhang, Jiang Long Yu, Huan Zhao, Jun Shuai Liu
Abstract: β-Sialonwhiskers which the molecular structuralformula of β-Sialonis Si3Al3O3N5(z = 3) were synthesized from fly ash and graphite under appropriate technological conditions by carbothermal reduction–nitridation process. The effects of carbon content, reaction temperature and reaction time on synthesis ofβ-Sialonwere analysed by XRD, SEM techniques. The results proved that, the condition of the carbon content over 80% is the best parameter to promote theβ-Sialon powder production. Compared to other kinds of temperature, 1430 °C is the optimal temperature to promoteβ-Sialon powder generation. Compared to 3h, holding time of 6h is promoting theβ-Sialon powder generation.The main morphology of β-Sialon was rod-like whisker.
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