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Authors: Bao Lin Liu, Jing Zhou Yang, Zhao Hui Huang, Yan Gai Liu, Ming Hao Fang
Abstract: Transformation of the microstructure of molybdenum disilicide heating unit in nitrogen atmosphere at 1700°C was investigated by XRD, SEM and EDS. The results showed that MoSi2 was transformed to polyhedral Si3N4 crystals groups distributed across in the matrix with irregular geometry Mo5Si3 and Mo3Si crystals, and the Si3N4 crystal groups were dense areas, while the Mo5Si3 and Mo3Si groups were loose areas after being heated in nitrogen atmosphere at 1700°C for 3h. The thickness of conversion zone of MoSi2 matrix was about 30μm and the loose Mo5Si3 and Mo3Si areas can damage the dense structure of MoSi2 matrix.
Authors: Kai Zhao, Jing Zhou Yang, Zhao Hui Huang, Ming Hao Fang, Yan Gai Liu
Abstract: The phase transformation of Tangshan ironstone-tailings between 900°C ~1200°C in air was investigated by DTA-TG. XRD and SEM analyses indicated that the ironstone-tailings, sintered at 900° and 1000°C respectively, mainly were composed of α-quartz, anorthite [(Na0.45Ca0.55)(Al1.55Si2.45O8)], tremolite and a little of hematite. For the sample sintered at 1100°C, augite appeared and tremolite disappeared. Fayalite formed in the sample sintered at 1200°C. The two samples both exhibited contraction character in the range of experimental temperature.
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