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Authors: E. Rauls, Uwe Gerstmann, M.V.B. Pinheiro, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, Johann Martin Spaeth
Abstract: In a combined theoretical and experimental work, we have investigated the common DI photoluminescence in 6H-SiC material. We present an atomistic model which is able to explain the annealing behavior, i. e. the correlation with the silicon vacancy, the local vibrational modes and the excitonic-like character observed.
Authors: N. Meilwes, J. Niklas, Johann Martin Spaeth
Authors: M.V.B. Pinheiro, Th. Lingner, F. Caudepon, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, Johann Martin Spaeth
Authors: M.V.B. Pinheiro, E. Rauls, Uwe Gerstmann, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, Johann Martin Spaeth, Harald Overhof
Authors: Johann Martin Spaeth
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