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Authors: Joo Shin Park, Kazuhiro Iijima, Tetsuya Yao
Abstract: In the present paper, to clarify and examine the fundamental buckling behaviours of cylindrically curved plates subjected to axial loading, a series of elastic and elasto-plastic large deflection analyses as well as elastic eigen buckling analysis are performed together with the comparisons with the buckling behaviours of circular cylinder. On the basis of the numerical results, the effects of curvature, magnitude of initial imperfection, slenderness ratio and aspect ratio on the characteristics of the buckling and post buckling collapse behavior of cylindrically curved plates and circular cylinders under axial compression are discussed. The buckling strength and ultimate strength formulae of the cylindrically curved plate are empirically derived based on the FEM series analysis by curve fitting using least square method. The validity of the ultimate strength formulations developed in this study has to some extent been verified through comparison with nonlinear numerical solutions.
Authors: Joo Shin Park, Yun Young Kim, Tetsuya Yao
Abstract: The optimum design for bow structure of high tensile steel yacht belongs to the nonlinear constrained optimization problem. The determination of scantlings for the bow structure is a very important matter out of whole structural design process of a yacht. The optimum design results are produced with the use of Real-coded Micro-Genetic Algorithm including evaluation LR small craft guideline, so that they can satisfy the allowable stress criterion. In this study, the minimum weight design of bow structure on the HTS yacht was carried out based on the finite element analysis. An analysis model is a bow structure of HTS yacht with structural scantling derived from the minimum weight optimization. The weight of bow structure and the main dimensions of structural members are chosen as an objective function and design variable, respectively. Optimization results were compared with a pre-existing design. From the FE analysis results, bow structure with high tensile steel (AH40) designed by using RμGA has a volume efficiency of 19% than the design of the actual mild yacht.
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