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Authors: C. Vázquez-Vázquez, M.A. López-Quintela, R.D. Sánchez, D. Caeiro, José Rivas, S.B. Oseroff
Authors: Teresa R.G. Barroso, Verónica C. Martins, Filipe Cardoso, Susana Cardoso, Jorge Pedrosa, Margarida Correia-Neves, José Rivas, Paulo P. Freitas
Abstract: Tuberculosis is still a major global health concern, causing the estimated death of 1.5 million people per year and being associated with high morbidity. The development of point-of-care diagnostic tools for tuberculosis is mandatory, especially because the fast and accurate detection of the slow-growing Mycobacterium tuberculosis by the conventional diagnostic tests is difficult.The objective of this work was to develop the first steps to achieve a portable method for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, by a sandwich-immunoassay combined with magnetoresistive biochip technology.With the purpose of conjugating 250 nm streptavidin-coated magnetic nanoparticles with anti- M. tuberculosis biotinylated antibodies, Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin was used as a surrogate for M. tuberculosis bacteria. After magnetic capture, target bacteria were brought in contact with the surface of the magnetoresistive biochip previously functionalized with a secondary anti-M. tuberculosis antibody. Magnetically labeled cells were detected by an array of spin-valve sensors, which change their electrical resistance in the presence of the fringe field of the magnetic particles. Optimization studies on the efficiency of the magnetic capture and further recognition of the bacteria by the secondary antibody on the biochip surface were conducted. The results on the magnetoresistive biochip showed a clear difference in the signal between specific and control (non-specific) sensors, suggesting the usefulness of this technique as a potential biorecognition tool for the development of a point-of-care diagnostic method for tuberculosis.
Authors: B. Dacuña, G. Zaragoza, M.C. Bianco, A. López Quintela, J. Mira, José Rivas
Authors: A.J. García-Bastida, R.D. Sánchez, J. García-Otero, José Rivas, A. González-Penedo, J. Solla, M.A. López-Quintela
Authors: J. Mira, J.A. López-Pérez, M.A. López-Quintela, José Rivas
Authors: R.D. Sánchez, José Rivas, D. Caeiro, M. Östlund, M. Servin, C. Vázquez-Vázquez, M.A. López-Quintela, M.T. Causa, S.B. Oseroff
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