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Authors: J. Friberg, E. Fernández, S. Sarda, M. Nilsson, M.P. Ginebra, S. Martínez, Josep A. Planell
Authors: Melba Navarro, Josep A. Planell
Abstract: Bone problems affect millions of people across the world. In fact, musculoskeletal conditions such as joint pathologies, fractures related to osteoporosis, back pain, serious injuries and different sorts of bone diseases and disabilities are among the most common causes for hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering acute and severe long-term pain and becoming physically handicapped. It has been reported that over 100 million Europeans are affected by different bone related problems and suffer chronic musculoskeletal pain, while in the US musculoskeletal problems affect over 40 million people aged 45 years and older. It is expected that the percentage of population affected by musculoskeletal conditions will double by the year 2020. Although morbidity is low, they have a major effect on disability, medical costs and patient quality of life [1,2]. Thus, bone defect treatments represent a significant medical and socioeconomic challenge.
Authors: Elisabeth Engel, L. Asin, J.A. Delgado, C. Aparicio, Josep A. Planell, M.P. Ginebra
Abstract: Calcium phosphate cements (CPC) are being applied as bone regeneration materials. New methods are being developed to create macroporosity, in order enhance the angiogenesis, bone colonization and biodegradation of the material. In this study the effect of the incorporation of albumen as foaming agent in an a-tricalcium phosphate (a-TCP) cement, in terms of the surface roughness and in vitro cell response, was studied. The addition of albumen to CPC cements increased the surface roughness of the cements. Cell cultures, using MG63 osteoblasts, were performed and showed that cell attachment was not affected by the presence of albumen. However, cell proliferation was significantly increased in the albumen-containing cements.
Authors: J. Clément, G. Avila, Melba Navarro, S. Martínez, M.P. Ginebra, Josep A. Planell
Authors: Melba Navarro, Sergio del Valle, M.P. Ginebra, S. Martínez, Josep A. Planell
Authors: P. Boudeville, B. Pauvert, M.P. Ginebra, E. Fernández, Josep A. Planell
Authors: Amisel Almirall, J.A. Delgado, M.P. Ginebra, Josep A. Planell
Authors: Sergio del Valle, Elisabeth Engel, S. Braak, Josep A. Planell, M.P. Ginebra
Abstract: In this work we examine the effect of the ionic exchange in cell behaviour of two apatite substrates with the same chemical composition but different microstructures (Coarse and Fine) by culturing cells with their extracts. A higher decrease in Ca and a higher increase in P concentrations were detected in the culture medium extracts from the finer apatite substrate in accordance with its higher specific surface area. A decrease in cell proliferation was observed when cells were cultured with the Fine extract in comparison with cells in contact with the Coarse extract or the control group. Although the higher ionic exchange, this could not explain the drastic decrease in cell proliferation observed on Fine apatite substrates, so a strong interaction with the underlying microstructure that modulates cell behaviour is also present.
Authors: Amisel Almirall, G. Larrecq, J.A. Delgado, S. Martínez, M.P. Ginebra, Josep A. Planell
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