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Authors: Wei Chi Pei, Ju Han, Yao Gang Li
Abstract: The service life of open-die cold extrusion is the most important factor in economic efficiency. To prolong its service life, the design of the die needs a rational structure. Studying the stress of the die wall and its distribution rule is the precondition in cavity die optimization design. Numerical simulation for tube open-die cold extrusion process using finite element software Deform-3D, the distribution of the stress of die wall, the influence rule of the stress of cavity die wall under various kinds of the processing parameter and the optimum range of stress of cavity die wall. The analysis result can take some effective measures to rational design for the die to decrease the die defect, prolong the service life of the die and increase economic efficiency. It can also offer references for optimization design of cavity die.
Authors: Ju Han, Wei Chi Pei, Xiao Bo Cui
Abstract: To solve the conflict between cost and compressive strength of honeycomb paperboard, dual-core honeycomb paperboard is designed. Based on the processing technology of single-core paperboard, the processing technology of dual-core honeycomb is identified. Using production equipment of Tang Hai Yuan Ming Tangshan, Hebei Province, Ltd. Honeycomb, 110g/m2 and 220g/m2 paper core composed of 20mm thick dual-core honeycomb samples is produced. Through flat compression properties and the finite element method, using two kinds of honeycomb performance of the simulation analysis of experimental data and simulation analysis by the dual data Verify, the level dual-core honeycomb has been a substantial increase in compression performance. Based on dual-core honeycomb paperboard, multi-core paperboard can be designed and produced.
Authors: Ping Huo, Xiang Yang Li, Ju Han
Abstract: This passage develops a set of arithmetic process for the image of the weld seam in flanges, which suits the weld process according to the feature of the seam. In terms of the arithmetic process for image, traditional methods are replaced by the opening and closing of mathematical morphology, which effectively smoothes the interferences of weld points, surface scratches, glistens and false edges, thus forming sharp and smooth image of weld seam. The arithmetic process of image proves to be brief and highly effective, which meets the practical need of the construction supported by the image of the weld seam. This passage also, taking weld seam as an example, focuses on the discussion of the erosion and dilation of the opening and closing calculations, which are of great value towards administering the process of processing editing the image.
Authors: Wei Chi Pei, Yao Gang Li, Ju Han
Abstract: The paper is focused on some types of bulk cement tank truck, proposed to several research programs to improve the fluidization quality. The fluidization models of the fluidized bed were created in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software FLUENT, which were then used for simulation for an improved fluidization process, and finally the fluidization quality was analyzed. To improve the quality of fluidization for the bulk cement tanker, the paper also synthesized all the programs which proposed and simulated in FLUENT. The simulation results show that the fluidization quality of the cement in tanker may be improved by adopting 40° side splitter board, with curve fluidization board substituting rectangle board, as well as by using larger gas inlet velocity. The improvement of their structure in the original basis of bulk materials vehicles can improve their serviceability and work efficiency.
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