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Authors: Jun Liang Liu, Xu Chen, Tie Jian Zhang
Abstract: Based on the traditional time series methods, this paper researched a time series-exponential smoothing model that is built by SPSS statistical analysis software. In the application of the model, the original data of water consumption were in processed by a particular smoothing method first.Secondly, the processed data were used to build a time series-exponential smoothing model. On error test, we found that this forecasting model has advantages of better effect, high precision and minor error on urban water demand forecasing.
Authors: Jian Wei Ma, Jun Liang Liu, Xin Li
Abstract: Many researchers pay their attentions to the biostability of drinking water more and more. Biodegradable dissolved organic carbon can provide a good indicator for biostability of drinking water in distribution-system. The main objective of this study was to research the regulations of concentration changes of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon and the populations of the total bacteria in water distribution-system of a city in china. The field experiments showed that the values of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon decreased along the main pipes in the water distribution-system, and the rate of the decrease was lower in the front part of the two main pipes than in the back part. At the same time, the populations of the total bacteria increased in the front part of the NO.1 main pipe and decreased in the back part. Our research provided the theoretical foundation for limiting the bacteria regrowth and to ensure the biostability of drinking water.
Authors: Chao Li, Xiao Yan Zhang, Jun Liang Liu, Ding Ding
Abstract: In this study, we treat rural domestic sewage with the mixture of diatomite and three kinds of coagulant. The result shows that with three mixtures, CODcr removal rate can be above 40%, and above 35% that of ammonia nitrogen. Compared with diatomite alone, the treatment effect has been significantly improved. We can come to a conclusion by the orthogonal experiment that the influencing factors on the effect of coagulant have following order: pH> dosage >stirring time, which means Ph plays an important role on the effect of coagulant.
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