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Authors: Jing Zhang, Jiang Long Yu, Huan Zhao, Jun Shuai Liu
Abstract: β-Sialonwhiskers which the molecular structuralformula of β-Sialonis Si3Al3O3N5(z = 3) were synthesized from fly ash and graphite under appropriate technological conditions by carbothermal reduction–nitridation process. The effects of carbon content, reaction temperature and reaction time on synthesis ofβ-Sialonwere analysed by XRD, SEM techniques. The results proved that, the condition of the carbon content over 80% is the best parameter to promote theβ-Sialon powder production. Compared to other kinds of temperature, 1430 °C is the optimal temperature to promoteβ-Sialon powder generation. Compared to 3h, holding time of 6h is promoting theβ-Sialon powder generation.The main morphology of β-Sialon was rod-like whisker.
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