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Authors: Peng Zhang, Qin Guo, Jun Si
Abstract: Inspection strategy is an important activity in processing plants, and one of the key tools used for such strategy is the risk-based inspection (RBI) methodology. Risk-based inspection is a methodology for optimization of inspection strategy. Based on principle of the risk-based inspection methodology in API 581, the risk assessment for vessels and pipelines in olefins conversion plant is carried out. The main failure modes and damage mechanisms of vessels and pipelines are identified. All vessels and pipelines in this plant are prioritized based on the level of risk. Risk reduction measures and optimal inspection strategy are proposed. This application of risk-based inspection will provide reference for the inspection of the olefins conversion plant.
Authors: Jun Si, Fu Zhen Xuan, Shan Tung Tu
Abstract: The interaction behavior of two non-aligned through-wall cracks in flat plates is investigated by the finite element method (FEM) under extensive creep condition. The time-dependent fracture parameter C*-integral along the crack tips are calculated and compared to the results of a single crack of the same size. For comparison purpose, the interaction of stress intensity factors (SIFs) is also examined in the study. The results indicated that interaction of multiple cracks is different between the time- dependent fracture characterized by C*-integral and linear elastic fracture noted by SIF. The magnifying factors of time-dependent fracture are obviously larger than that of the linear elastic fracture cases. Therefore, the current re-characterization rule for multiple cracks developed from linear elastic fracture analysis may lead to a non-conservative result and should be modified when it is used in the assessment of time dependent failure.
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