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Authors: Zhi He Zhao, Jun Wang, Yu Bo Fan, Song Jiao Luo, Ling Yong Jiang
Abstract: It was well recognized that mechanical strain plays a crucial role in periodontal tissues remodeling. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of mechanical strain on osteoblastic precursor cells in a collagen type I gel scaffold. Rat MSCs were isolated and cultured according to the established method. Cells were induced with osteogenic medium, then seeded in a collagen type I gel and mechanically stretched by application of cyclic biaxial strain 24h later. Strain cycle was set to 1 cycle/min (0.017Hz), and strain magnitude was set to 2%, 5%, 7% elongation. Cells were collected in 0h, 3h, 6h, 9h, 12h, 24h and 48h respectively. ODF and ICAM-1 mRNA were analyzed by RT-PCR assay. The results shown that 2-7% elongation strain, either dynamic or static, inhibited ICAM-1and ODF expression of osteoblastic precursors, and the effects were relative tightly to strain magnitude. The inhibition effects of dynamic strain loading group exceeded the corresponding static strain. This work suggested that appropriate mechanical strech may suppress differentiation of osteoclasts through inhibiting expression of ICAM-1 and ODF. Application of mechanical stress might have a beneficial effect on quantity of generated bone tissue and might be a important factor in tissue engineering of periodontal tissues.
Authors: Jun Wang, Yu Bo Fan, Zhi He Zhao, Juan Li, Jun Liu
Abstract: Osteoblasts were perceived as pivotal cells, recognized as the cells that control both the formative and the resorptive phases of the bone remodeling cycle. Osteoblasts were an essential requirement for osteoclastogenesis though expressing or secreating bioactive osteoclast-differentiation-regulatory proteins, osteoclast differentiation factor (ODF)was the most important factor among these, ODF participate nearly in every step of differentiation and activation of osteoclasts. In addition, intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1)and its receptors LFA-1 play a role in osteoclast development by affecting adhesion between stromal cells and osteoclast progenitors before the occurrence of ODF-ODF receptor signaling. However, it is not clear about the relationship between ODF, ICAM-1 expression of osteoblasts and differentiation state of osteoblasts. So,the aim of this study was to investgate whether the expression of ODF, ICAM-1 depended on the stage of osteoblastic differentiation from rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(rBMSCs). The viability of rBMSCs is reduced significantly by osteogenic inducement as differentiating into osteoblasts, ALPase activity of OS-treated rBMSCs was enhanced obviously within 9 days , declined subsequently and recovered nearly the original level at day 14. Expression of ODF is enhanced with osteogenic differentiation guadully. whereas, expression of ICAM-1 is activated at OS-treated day 6, then keeping at a stable level. This study indicated that rBMSCs undergoing osteogenic inducement was an ideal model for studying the differentiation and maturation of osteoblasts. During the early stage of differentiation along osteoblasts from stem cells to osteocytes, rBMSCs or Osteoprogenitor react somewhat differently from osteoblasts, suggesting the ability of osteoblasts to regulating differentiation and maturation of osteoclasts have been improved with osteogenic culture.
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